Switzerland’s Finest Ski Resorts

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017
Ski season in Switzerland is in full swing with fabulous weather conditions on our favorite mountain resorts. From glittery Gstaad to the sophisticated winter wonderlands of Graubünden, St. Moritz. We collected some of the finest Swiss ski hotels for you.
Disclaimer: All images are the intellectual property of the relevant owner, photographers, architects or designers, and is used with permission. Studioforma does not claim their ownership, unless expressly stated otherwise. Any use of the images is for the purpose of commentary, reporting or educational purposes only. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these images and materials is prohibited.
1. InterContinental Davos – Oikos Architects Munich

2. Chedi Andermatt –  Architect Jean-Michel Gathy


3. Gstaad Palace


4. The Lodge Verbier
Owned by Virgin boss Richard Branson, The Lodge is equipped with an indoor pool, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, two bars, and even a mini ice-skating rink. All nine rooms are uniquely designed and decorated — a pleasing mix of traditional chalet-style and contemporary — and are luxurious to boot. Though individual rooms can be booked from $700 a night, the entire lodge can also be rented exclusively, currently starting at $100,000 a week (15-person staff included).




5. Badrutt Palace St. Moritz


6. Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa


7. Carlton Hotel St. Moritz



Holy Architecture – World’s Most Beautiful Spiritual Places

Posted by on Aug 9, 2016
Legendary German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined the famous phrase “God is in the details”. And he is still right – Religion, throughout human history, has been the inspiration for brilliant and luminous works of literature, philosophy, sculpture, painting and of course architecture. 
We compiled some of the most iconic and innovative sacred building architecture worldwide. Envisioned by legendary architects like Botta, Zumthor, Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer and today’s star architect Santiago Calatrava and many more. From the ancient empire of Istanbul to majestic Abu Dhabi all the way to a remote seaside town in China.
Whether contemporary and cantilever church design or stunning and bold  mosque architecture that illuminate intriguing fluorescent colours. Find below some of the most unique and beautiful worship architecture that will attract people of all ages and beliefs. 
1. Seashore Chapel, China
Vector Architects planned for the structure to be lifted at the base so when the tide rises, the building seemingly appears submerged and floating on the water. Created as a spatial experience that engages all the senses, the journey towards the chapel begins with a 30 meter pathway that leads to the entrance of the chapel. On approach, the cue emerges indicating the suspended space on the other side through a 600mm wide gap set in the middle of the staircase. A constant view of the ocean is framed – further emphasized due to its elevated orientation. 


2. St. Bartholomew’s Church, Eastern Bohemia in Czech Republic
Czech designer Maxim Velcovsky has redesigned the interior of a church in Eastern Bohemia, using customised design classics, rugs and chandeliers. Working with designer Jakub Berdych under the Qubus Studio banner, the interior features Verner Panton chairs customised with a punched crucifix, Persian rugs and chandeliers of rough-cut crystal.
Jakub Berdych and Maxim Velcovsky have succeeded in making design an integral part of religion. Illuminated by chandeliers adorned with pressed and roughly cut crystal, the bare space is dominated by an “army” of legendary chairs designed by Verner Panton with one crucial detail added – a Christian cross carved through the back of the chair. The redesign and religiousness of this design icon is multiplied by its installation on dozens of Persian carpets, which are so typical for Muslim shrines. This space is an eclectic cocktail and a place to ponder, moving towards cultural dialogue.
3. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, New York, USA
Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has designed the Saint Nicholas National Shrine building for the Greek Orthodox Church, which will occupy a site at 130 Liberty Street on the edge of the National September 11 Memorial park.
The original St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was completely destroyed in the collapse of World Trade Center Tower 2 during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. 


4. Skewed Concrete Chapel, El Salvador
Local studio EMC Arquitectura designed Carded, an asymmetric concrete chapel, located on the edge of a mountain near El Salvador, situated on a grassy plot that runs down to the shores of the Coatepeque lake – a volcanic basin in western El Salvador.
The chapel has two open sides, designed to take advantage of being “in such a privileged place with spectacular views”. These openings also allow constant cross-ventilation through the interior, helping visitors to cope with the tropical climate.


5. Al Warqa’a Mosque, Dubai, UAE
The Mosque, located in the famously sandy United Arab Emirates city, was not perceived as an icon before, but given the contemporary redesign by Pan-Asian architecture and design studio ibda, this mosque now became a jewel of holy architecture. 
Al Warqa’a Mosque echoes the spatial simplicity of Prophet Muhammad’s seventh-century house in Medina, which is considered the first mosque in history. The aim was for the building to look like an extension of the desert environment, utilising Saudi sandstone for the outer walls of the mosque. The ochre-toned walls offer contrast to the building‘s bright white dome and marble-lined interior. 
Defining access into the haram [holy space] through the sahn [courtyard] is designed to create a spatial shift that gradually takes worshippers from the busy street environment to the serene space of worship through a series of playful and inviting arches.
6. Froeyland Orstad Church, Norway
Froeyland Orstad Church is divided into two levels and has 600 seats at the place of worship. It is the first church in Norway to have a  baptismal pool. In 2009, the responsible architect office Link Arkitektur won the award with their church design and its best accessibility for people with disabilities. The church had the highest average of people going to worship in Norway in 2010. 


7. San Paolo Parish Complex, Perugia in Italy
This project won the national competition organised by the Italian Episcopal Conference to design new parish centres to provide an innovative and decisive landmark in accordance with the latest international research and symbolising the rebirth of the city after the earthquake. 
The new parish designed by Fuksas Architects, is a monolith of pure geometry, absolute, in a tin box. There are two main architectural elements that are identified with the functions of the religious center, the first element, the Church building, consists of two rectangules inserted into one another, the second element, also rectangular shape but long and low, is home to the Sacristy, the Pastoral Ministry of Local and Casa Canonica. A third an architectural element, smaller, combining the latter two. Spirituality and meditation joined together in a play of natural light entering horizontally and vertically, drawing a dialogue with the sky. 

Chiesa a Foligno - Arch. M. FuksasStudio Fuksas - Chiesa San Giacomo - FolignoStudio Fuksas - Chiesa San Giacomo - FolignoStudio Fuksas - Chiesa San Giacomo - Foligno

8. Farewell Chapel, Slovenia
Slovenian practice OFIS Arhitekti have completed a chapel next to an existing graveyard near Ljubljana in Slovenia. Using polished concrete, larch wood and glass, OFIS created a chapel that follows the lines of the landscape trajectories around the graveyard. There are three curved walls which embrace and divide the programs. The external curve divides the surrounding hill from the chapel plateau whilst the internal curve embraces the main farewell space. Services such as storages, wardrobe restrooms and kitchenette are on the inner side along the wall. A cross that lays on the roof sparks light in night time and allows the light to enter during the day. 


9. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi in UAE
 The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque‘s design and construction „unites the world“, using artisans and materials from many countries including India, Italy, Germany, Morocco, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Iran, China, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Republic of Macedonia and United Arab Emirates. 
The project was launched by the late president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who wanted to establish a structure that would unite the cultural diversity of the Islamic world with the historical and modern values of architecture and art. Natural materials were chosen for much of its design and construction due to their long-lasting qualities, including marble stone, gold, semi-precious stones, crystals and ceramics.
The design of the mosque can be best described as a fusion of  Arab, Persian, Mughal and Moorish architecture. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has many special and unique interior design elements: The carpet in the main prayer hall is considered to be the  largest and most expensive carpet in the world. This carpet measures 5,627 m2. The weight of this carpet is 35 ton and is predominantly made from wool (originating from New Zealand and Iran). It took approximately two years to complete.
The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has seven imported chandeliers from the company Faustig in Munich Germany that incorporate millions of Swarovski crystals and the third largest chandelier in the world with a 10 m diameter and a 15 m height.
The pools along the arcades reflect the mosque’s spectacular columns, which becomes even more glorious at night. The unique lighting system was designed by lightning architects Speirs + Major to reflect the phases of the moon. Beautiful bluish gray clouds are projected in lights onto the external walls and get brighter and darker according to the phase of the moon. 


10. Mid-Century Church in Quebec transformed into a library 
Canadian studios Dan Hanganu Architectes and Côté Leahy Cardas Architectes have revamped the tent-like structure of a church in Quebec to create a modern library featuring coloured glazing, spiral staircases and lofty ceilings. 
The St. Denys-du-Plateau Church, a remarkable creation of the late architect Jean-Marie Roy erected in 1964, was part of this renewal, at once architectural and religious.


11. Chiesa di San Giovanna Battista, Mogno in Switzerland
Seen from outside, the building is elliptical in shape, with a slanting roof and black and white stripes. The interior has a dizzying checkerboard design in the same colors. This is the church that was designed by the well-known architect, Mario Botta – the Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista at Mogno. The innovative building made from alternating layers of native Peccia marble and Vallemaggia granite was extremely controversial, but eventually became a landmark that is known far beyond the borders of Switzerland. The church has no windows, and the interior (which seats about 15 people) is only illuminated by natural light streaming in through the glass roof.


12. Cathedral of Brasilia, Brazil
The Cathedral of Brasília is the Roman Catholic cathedral serving Brasília, Brazil, and serves as the seat of the Archdiocese of Brasília. It was designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and was completed and dedicated on May 31, 1970. The cathedral is a hyperboloid structure constructed from 16 concrete columns, weighing 90 tons each.
13. Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is a historic mosque located in Istanbul. The Blue Mosque, as it is popularly known, was constructed between 1609 and 1616 during the rule of Ahmed I. Its Külliye contains Ahmed‘s tomb, a madrasah and a hospice. Magnificent hand-painted blue tiles adorn the mosque’s interior walls, and at night the mosque is bathed in blue as lights frame the mosque’s five main domes, six minarets and eight secondary domes. 



14. Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, Germany
Built above the village Mechernich, the Bruder Klaus Kapelle is a privately endowed Catholic chapel and now become the landmark in Germany natural landscape. The chapel was designed in 2005 by the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor for the family of farmers Trudel and Hermann-Josef Scheidtweile, who wanted to honor their patron saint, Bruder Klaus of the 15th century.
Arguably the most interesting aspects of the church are found in the methods of construction, beginning with a wigwam made of 112 tree trunks. Upon completion of the frame, layers of concrete were poured and rammed atop the existing surface, each around 50cm thick. When the concrete of all 24 layers had set, the wooden frame was set on fire, leaving behind a hollowed blackened cavity and charred walls. 


15. Notre-Dame-du-Haut in Ronchamp, France
The chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp  is one of the finest examples of the architecture of Franco-Swiss architect Le Corbusier and one of the most important examples of twentieth-century religious architecture. In 1950, Le Corbusier was commissioned to design a new Catholic church to replace the previous church that had been destroyed during World War II. The church reformists wanted to clear their name of the decadence and ornamental past by embracing modern art and architecture.  Spatial purity was one of Corbusier’s main focuses by not over complicating the program and removing the typical modern aesthetic from the design. Stylistically and formally it is fairly complex; however, programmatically it is relatively simple: two entrances, an altar, and three chapels.
Notre Dame du Haut is one of 17 buildings by Le Corbusier that have been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List of internationally significant architecture sites. 


Canal + Studioforma = Gold Winner 2016

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016
We are celebrating a fantastic start into the week with some great news from Paris! STUDIOFORMA won the Popai award in the category Commercial Fixtures with the Canal Plus Pop-Up Booth against the other two final nominee projects Bioderma and Roger & Gallet.


118 Meter Urbane Schönheit

Posted by on Apr 19, 2016
„Das neue Kornhaus präsentiert sich als formschöner Kubus. Es erinnert formal an ein Getreidebündel und stellt einen eleganten neuen Bezugspunkt in der Stadt dar.“ So beschreibt die Kornhaus Broschüre der Swissmill den 118 Meter hohen Bunker welcher inmitten des trendigen Zürich-West Quartier vermehrt negative Aufmerksamkeit generiert.
Der amerikanische Regisseur Stanley Kubrick hat es vorgemacht. Ein Monolith, anno 2001, erregt Gemüter und kann im Jahr 1968 recht zukunftsweisend wirken. Aber wie wirkt so ein Monolith aus Beton, welcher rektangulär und über hundert Meter hoch inmitten von Zürich platziert ist, und das im jungen 21. Jahrhundert? Wie Kubrick’s Affen starren wir, die von schöner Natur und Wellness gesegneten Zürcher, auf den Swissmill Betonbunker aka „118 Meter Hässlichkeit“. (NZZ am Sonntag vom 16.04.2016)
Industrie Romantik versus Stadtentwicklung
Zugegeben, das Kornhaus des Schweizer Volkes spart nicht mit sinnlichen, beinahe romantischen Assoziationen: Das Kornhaus ist eine Hommage an den geschätzten Baustoff Beton, dessen Materialbeschaffenheit am besten dient um unser wertvolles Getreide zu beschützen. Ein Symbol für die Industrie und eine Huldigung des Quartiers in seinem Ursprung. Daneben dient er auch als Schattenspender an der Badi Letten.
Aber hier zeigt sich wieder die Frage, welche Relevanz Industriebauten für die Stadtentwicklung haben. Wo bleibt die Revitalisierung von Industriebauten und dessen ästhetische Integration in den Städtebau?
Architektur – Eine Kulisse für Zeit und Kultur
Wir sind Architekten aus Leidenschaft. Wir geben zu, Architektur darf gerne groß sein und einfach auch nur funktionieren. Architektur muss aber nicht immer nur groß sein – Kreativität übersteigt manchmal Enormität. Architektur darf wie die Mode, Musik, die Literatur und Kunst, polarisieren. Architektur kann schön sein, Architektur kann auch hässlich sein. Architektur kann gerne virtuos und exzentrisch sein. Wir finden dennoch Architektur – in solch kolossalem Ausmaß – darf und sollte Rücksicht auf den Zeitgeist seiner Epoche nehmen.
Konzept für Fassadengestaltung: Planting Urbanism
Wir empfehlen ein Facelift für den Swissmill Turm. Eine Symbiose von Mailand’s hochgefeierten Bosco Verticale und Anish Kapoor’s ultra-coolem Cloud Gate im Millennium Park Chicago. Eine sinn-bildliche Verbindung von Himmel und Erde in Zürich. Eine Gleichsetzung von Natur und Hi-Tech.
Tagsüber ein Wolkenkratzer der nicht an den Wolken kratzt, sondern uns den Himmel und die Stadt widerspiegelt und dank der vertikalen Bepflanzung eine attraktive Stadt-Dschungel-Atmosphäre ausstrahlt.
Nachts gibt das Silo den Zürchern das was der Prime Tower nicht schafft – eine faszinierende Kulisse mit der Kompetenz zum Dialog und zur Unterhaltung der Bürger anhand Licht und Farbbespielung.


In Honour of Dame Zaha Hadid

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016
Dame Zaha Hadid was renowned for her futuristic forms. Her buildings swooped, curved, and undulated in dramatic and unusual ways. Her designs can be found in cities around the world, including the London Aquatics Center, which was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics, and the opera house in Guangzhou, China.
Hadid, born in Baghdad in 1950, became a revolutionary force in British architecture even though for many years she struggled to win commissions in the UK. The Iraqi government described her death as “an irreplaceable loss to Iraq and the global community”. She studied mathematics at the American University of Beirut before launching her architectural career in London at the Architectural Association.
By 1979 she had established her own practice in London – Zaha Hadid Architects – and gained a reputation across the world for ground-breaking theoretical works including The Peak in Hong Kong (1983) the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin (1986) and the Cardiff Bay Opera House in Wales (1994).
The first major build commission that earned her international recognition was the Vitra Fire Station in Weil Am Rhein, Germany (1993). Her scheme to build the Cardiff Bay opera house was scrapped in the 1990s and she didn’t produce a major building in the UK until she built the transport museum in Glasgow, which was completed in 2011. Other notable projects included the MAXXI: Italian National Museum of 21st Century Arts in Rome (2009) and the Heyder Aliyev Centre in Baku (2013). Buildings such as the Rosenthal Centre of Contemporary Art in Cincinnati (2003) andf the Guangzhou Opera House in China (2010) were also hailed as architecture that transformed ideas of the future.
She became the first women recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004, architecture’s highest honour.  She twice won the UK’s most prestigious architecture award, the RIBA Stirling Prize. Other awards included the Republic of France’s Commandeur de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and Japan’s Praemium Imperiale.
She was recently awarded the Royal Institute of British Architects’ 2016 royal gold medal, the first woman to be awarded the prestigious honour in her own right.
Our sincere condolences goes out to her family, friends and fans.



Milan Design Week 2016

Posted by on Mar 24, 2016
We are proudly introducing STUDIOFORMA DESIGNLAB first furniture collection at this years Milan Design Week. Join our launch event in Milan on Tuesday April 12. Location: Meroni & Colzani Showroom, Via Paola da Cannobio 9
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STUDIOFORMA wins European Interior Design Award

Posted by on Jan 10, 2016
In its quest to discover the best interior designers in the world, the International Property Awards invited companies to present their finest work. The judging committee chaired by two members of the House of Lords scrutinised hundreds of entries and STUDIOFORMA was a top scoring entrant for the category INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT for its Apartment Makeover Project in Zurich.
The International Property Award is the world’s largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme. The 2015/16 International Property Awards has received more than 2.000 entries from over 110 countries. The total worth of the competing projects reached an astronomical figure of £20 billion. The rewards received over 400 entries from 61 countries for the INTERIOR DESIGN category.
The judges not only look for the most impressive and innovative projects, they also examine the sustainability and eco-friendliness of every property. After a year-long evaluation the judging panel of 70 experts revealed the final results on December 7th 2015 during a presentation ceremony at the JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair, London.
STUDIOFORMA has been named “Best in Europe” in the Interior Design Apartment category at the final summit. STUDIOFORMA competed against the best property professionals in the World to win the title of “Europe’s Best”, property’s highest accolade, with the project “Apartment Makeover, Lake Zurich”.
STUDIOFORMA’s Founding Partners Alex Leuzinger and Miriam Vazquez accepted the prize during the glittering award ceremony in London. “The most important was not so much how the overall apartment will look, but how it will make the client and his family feel. We are not talking about the implicitness of well-selected material, texture, décor and lightning. The focus clearly was, to understand and to indulge our client’s passion for a certain lifestyle and to translate even playful ideas and habits into a sophisticated interior environment.”

Alex Leuzinger & Miriam Vazquez

Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo or Prada – the owner of this apartment is a dedicated fashion Aficionado and Sartorialist. The showrooms of these Italian luxury fashion designer brands are splendidly styled with elegance and were the main source of inspiration for a complete makeover of this apartment located on Lake Zurich in Switzerland.
The client’s first wish was to replace only the old sofa in his reception room, but then quickly decided on a complete change of the interior, with customized finishes and furnishing that reenergize the atmosphere and underline his affection for Italian design aesthetics.
Main design highlight: More than 600 m² of premium dark rosewood now panels the wall of the 250 m² apartment. The 300 year old rosewood has been polished seven times and coated with a vintage car finish technique by an Italian old-timer restoration workshop. This treatment gives the noble old rosewood a high-grade finish with three-dimensional depth.



World’s Best Fashion Design Hotels and Suites

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015
Another Fashion Week season just ended and spoiled us with glamorous and beautiful news from New York, London, Milan and Paris. But for designers dominating the world’s runways  is just not enough. A growing number of iconic fashion brands and designers, whether Louis Vuitton,  and Maison Martin Margiela , have been teaming up with high-end resorts and hotels to put their distinctive mark on properties around the globe.
Some, like Bottega Veneta or Dior, were tapped to rework the décor of a suite, while other brands and companies, like Armani or Bulgari, Versace and Camper have launched their own hotel brands. These ultra-chic living spaces reflect the fashion brand’ unique personalities and reflects the way that they themselves would choose to travel and live. Find below our recommended reservation list:
1. LVMH Cheval Blanc in Randheli Maldives, Saint-Barthelemy, Courchevel
Cheval Blanc continues the prestigious tradition that is the sublimely French Art de Recevoir. LVMH offers most sophisticated design and highest level of hospitality in Courchevel, the Maldives, Saint-Barthelemy and soon in Paris. Starting at 2.800 USD per night in one-bedroom villa 240 sqm with 12.5 metre private infinity pool, private white sand beach and tropical garden with outdoor dining pergola included.

LVMH, Cheval Blanc, RandheliLouis Vuitton Cheval Blanc Randheli, Maldives - Fast-Lane-MagazineLVMH, Cheval Blanc, RandheliLVMH, Cheval Blanc, RandheliLVMH, Cheval Blanc, RandheliCheval Blanc Randheli Hotel by LVMHCheval Blanc Randheli Hotel by LVMH

2. La Maison Champs Elysees by  Martin Margiela in Paris
A five star luxury boutique Hotel designed by Martin Margiela. Daily rate starting at 650 Euro per night for a Couture Suite.

1900px Maison Martin Margiela 1 1900px Maison Martin Margiela 2 1900px Maison Martin Margiela 3 1900px Maison Martin Margiela 41900px Maison Martin Margiela 5

3. Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Milan, London, Bali, Shanghai, Beijing and Dubai
Located in some of the world’s most exclusive places, granting yourself a Bulgari experience starts at 9.600 GBP per night for Bulgari II-VII Suite with 1 Kingsize Bed and 2 Bathrooms in London or 9.000 GBP per night for a Five-Bedroom Bulgari Mansion Villa in Bali with 5 Bedrooms and Private Pool.

1900px Bulgari Hotel Milan1900px Bulgari Milano 31900px Bulgari Hotel Milano 51900px Bulgari Hotel Milano 41900px Bulgari Hotel Bali Villa1900px Bulgari Hotel Bali Bedroom1900px Bulgari Hotel Bali Spa1900px Bulgari Hotel Bali Pool1900px Bulgari Hotel Bali 11900px Bulgari Hotel London 1Antonio Citterio and Partners.1900px Bulgari Hotel London 2

4. Hotel Casa Camper in Berlin and Barcelona
Located in two creative, vibrant cities in Europe, Barcelona and Berlin, starting at a daily raite for 366 Euro for the 64 sqm Camper Suite with private Lounge area and a separate Master Suite with Kingsize Bed and two Bathrooms.

1900px Camper Habitacion Berlin 2

5. Armani Hotels & Resorts
Armani Hotels offers two timeless elegant hotels designed by Giorgio Armani in Milan and Dubai. A 70 sqm classic Armani room for 2 adults with city view starts with 580 Euro per night. The 360 sqm Armani Suite inside Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, ready for 6 persons with King Size bedding and City View costs around 6.200 Euro per night.

1900px Armani Hotel Dubai 001900px Armani Hotel Dubai 011900px Armani Hotel Dubai 031900px Armani Hotel Dubai 31900px Armani Hotel Dubai 41900px Armani Hotel Dubai 61900px Armani Hotel 21900px Armani Hotel 11900px Armani Hotel 31900px Armani Hotel 51900px Armani Hotel 61900px Armani Hotel 4

6. Hotel Notre Dame Saint-Michel Paris and Hotel du Petit Moulin by Christian Lacroix
A Double Room Deluxe at four star Hotel du Petit Moulin starts at 335 Euro per night. A Double Room for two person starts at three star Hotel Notre Dame starts at 280 Euro per night.

1900px Christian Lacroix 0

7. Lungarno Hotel Collections by Salvatore Ferragamo
Lungarno Hotel Collections operated by Gruppo Ferragamo comprises utmost luxurious accommodations, yacht clubs, spa and dining locations in Florence, Rome and Tuscany. One night in a 56 sqm Penthouse Suite on the top floor with panoramic view on Florence starts at 1.500 Euro.

1900px Ferragamo Florence 2

1900px Ferragamo Florence 11900px Ferragamo Florence 31900px Ferragamo Florence 4

8. The Dior Suite by The St. Regis Hotel New York
One night in a St. Regis New York’s Designer Suite with 214 sqm and including a St. Regis butler starts at 10.500 USD.

1900px Dior St. Regis 1

9. The Dior Suite by Hotel Baur au Lac in Zurich
Unlike all other hotel recommendations, The Dior Suite is not accessible for public bookings but is still worth to mention. A temporary VIP suite only accessible for actors visiting the Zurich Film Festival 2015.  Photo by David Biedert Photography.

Dior Suite im Rahmen des 11. Zurich Film Festival

10. Christian Dior Suite by Hotel Barriere Le Majestic Cannes
Every year during the Film Festival in Cannes, Christian Dior hired the most beautiful suite for 12 days, using it as a dressing and fitting room for all the famous actresses before the red-carpet gala. Paying tribute to Christian Dior, the legendary Hotel Le Majestic re-designed  it’s west wing on the 6th floor into a Dior penthouse. A exceptional 450 sqm suite with a 180 degree panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea starting at a daily rate of 16.000 Euro.

1900px Dior Cannes 1Hôtel MAJESTIC BARRIERE Cannes - 3241Hôtel MAJESTIC BARRIERE Cannes - 32291900px Dior Cannes 51900 px Dior Cannes 4

11. Round Hill Hotel & Villas Montego Bay Resort Jamaica by Ralph Lauren
Round Hill has received the Green Globe Certification for 10 years, with a strong commitment to preservering the environment and also supporting local organizations including farmers and producser. Round Hill offers a variety of accommodations, from oceanfront rooms to complete premium luxury villas (900 sqm) with 6 bedrooms and two private pools. Price available on request reservations@roundhill.com

1900px Round Hill Ralph Lauren 11900px Round Hill Ralph Lauren 21900px Round Hill Ralph Lauren3

12. Elsa Schiaparelli Suite by The Mayfair Hotel London
The Mayfair Hotel – also know as “London’s Home” an icon of expressive contemporary design, a luxury hotel with a glamorous past. Among the 400 hotel rooms and suites, is The Schiaparelli Suite. A lavish and loving tribute to retro glamour with a 139 sqm suite – a private lounge with integrated fireplace, a dining area with full-size eigh seat dining table, one bedroom with king-size double bed, bathroom with limesone egg bath and illuminated rain shower. Price per night starting at 1.600 £

1900px Schiaperelli Suite Mayfair Hotel

13. Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Australia and Dubai
Featuring waterfront settings in both locations, Dubai and the australian Gold Coast, dipping visitors into a spectacular and radiant ambiance of pure glamour, underlined by iconic italian architecture. One night of “Versace Indulgence” at Palazzo Versace Gold Coast Australia, including a chilled Ruinart Champagne bottle upon arrival, seven course degustation dinner in the award winning Vanitas Restaurant and a Spa Beauty Sleep treatment, starts at 1.700 USD.

1900px Versace Dubai

14. Bottega Veneta Suite at The St. Regis Rome
The Bottega Veneta Suite designed by brilliant Tomas Maier, is a expansive environment for thos who appreciate quiet luxury. A bedroom with stting area and fireplace in Bottega Veneta Design, including bespoke and personalized Butler Service starts at a daily rate from 6.000 Euro.

1900px Bottega Veneta Suite 21900px Bottega Veneta Suite 1The Bottega Veneta Suite

Europe’s Best Interior Design 2015-2016

Posted by on Sep 24, 2015
Studioforma Architects won the award for best interior design of Switzerland and qualified out of 400 projects for the European Award!!! We happy to announce that we are now nominated to the international award finals this December in London.



Best Spas in the World

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015
From mountainside carribbean retreats to luxurious urban getaways, we selected fifteen of the most spectacular Spas worldwide. Whether you’d like to relax in the remote desert of Utah or in cool and tranquil Himalayan weather – You’ll find your new happy place at one of these getaways.
Amangiri – Aman Resorts Utah, United States. Amangiri (peaceful mountain) is located on 600 acres in Canyon Point, Souther Utah, close to the border with Arizona. The resort blends into its dramatic surrounds where deep canyons and towering plateaus create a raw landscape of immense power. Amangiri’s Aman Spa features a floatation therapy pavilion, water pavilion with sauna, steam room, cold plunge and step pool, fitness centre and yoga pavilion
1900px Amangiri 31900px Amangiri 51900px Amangiri 61900px Amangiri 8
Tierra Patagonia Hotel Boutique & Spa, Chile. Perched on a bluff on the edge of Chile’s Lake Sarmiento, Tierra Patagonia celebrates all that is majestic about its surrounding, while offering a space where comfort reigns. With enormous windows everywhere, the lakes and peaks of Torres del Paine National Park are a picturesque backdrop. A perfect place for finding space and serenity to relax and enjoy your natural surroundings.

1900px Tierra Patagonia Spa 51900px Tierra Patagonia Spa 61900px Tierra Patagonia Spa 31900px Tierra Patagonia Spa 41900px Tierra Patagonia Spa 2Tierra Atacama Resort and Spa at San Pedro de Atacama in Norther

Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas by Oberoi Hotels & Resorts. At Wildflower Hall, guests can refresh with nature walks, rafting, cycling or yoga, or relax and rejuvenate with an exclusive spa therapy. It offers exclusive massage, yoga and Ayuverdic treatments at bespoke locations around the hotel. A open air whirlpool affords magnificient views across the Greater Himalayas.

1900px Wildflower Hall Spa Oberoi Himalaya 21900px Wildflower Hall Spa Oberoi Himalaya 31900px Wildflower Hall Spa Oberoi Himalaya 1

SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. Considered one of the best medical spas in Europe, the SHA Wellness Clinic aims to improve guests mental and physical wellbeing by blind ancient Eastern philosophies with contemporary Western techniques.
1900px SHA Clinic Alicante 21900px SHA Clinic Alicante 11900px SHA Clinic Alicante
The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland. The Swiss alpine environment offers a 2.400 sq. spa and wellness centre. A temperature-controlled outdoor pool, a 35 meters indoor pool with alps view, bio and Finnish saunas, organic sol steam bath or another ten treatment suites supervised by international therapist who pamper you with the finest natural products. Visit the Chedi Andermatt and immerse yourself in luxury.
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Raffles Istanbul: Istanbul’s most glamorous new spa is located in a surprising spot – the business district. The nearly 30.000 square foot spa at Raffles Istanbul sits at the heart of the Zorlu Centre and overlooks the Bosphorus, the Princes Islands and the historic peninsula. The Spa features an indoor pool that lies under an art installation of disks that glitter underneath a soaring skylight and an outdoor rooftop pool with a stunning view of the Bosphorus. Saunas, steam rooms, three dazzling hamams, seven treatment rooms and two spa suites complete the ultimate service. A cool and calm oasis with a new defined level of luxury.

1900px Raffles Spa Istanbul 11900px Raffles Spa Istanbul 21900px Raffles Istanbul Hamam

Thermal Spa by Vidalta, Mexico City, Mexico.

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Peninsula Bangkok, Thailand. The Peninsula Bangkok is one of the finest and luxurious hotels in the thai city of angels, located along the historical Chao Phraya river. The hotel features a 88 meter 3 tiered pool with breathtaking river and city view and an outstanding Spa with 14 treatment rooms, four suites, several relaxation rooms, an asian tea lounge, hot and cold plunge pools, steam rooms and saunas as well as a well equipped fitness centre.

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Saadiyat Beach Club, Abu Dhabi. Formerly known as Monte-Carlo Beach Club is a exclusive club with a 650 sq. pool, a spa with sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and plunge pool, a gymnasium and a private access to Saadiyat’s nine-kilometre natural beach.

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The Dolder Grand Spa, Zurich Switzerland. Towering above Lake Zurich, the historic The Dolder Grand is known as a luxury-class city resort.  A design highlight of the hotel is the 4.000 sq. spa. After the complete renovation in 2008 by Sir Norman Foster, the Spa comes with an iconic canyon-like pool and a comprehensive spa menu. The Dolder Grand Life Balance treatment divides a one day-spa experience with focus on either Relax, Beauty, Vitality or Detox. The Dolder Spa collection comprises lavish treatments like Caviar body treatment or a pure gold radiance facial by La Prairie and many other exclusive experiences such as medical treatments, plastic surgery and a hair salon by En Vogue.
1900px Dolder Grand Hotel 11900px Dolder Grand Hotel 5
Fasano las Piedras, Punta del Este, Urugugay. Designed to express the power of nature and the energy that comes from it, Fasano Las Piedras Spa offers a 180 degree panoramic view to an endless green and also rocky landscapes. The relax area features five rooms, with ayurvedic treatments and twenty sorts of massage.
1900px Fasano Punta del Est 11900px Fasano Punta Del est 21900px Fasano Punta del Est 31900px Fasano Punta del Est 4
Spa Vinotheraphie Caudalie Marques de Riscal. Frank Gehry returned to northern Spain to create the Hotel Marqués de Riscal. Gehry used some 30,000 square feet of titanium to create the ruffled roofline—whose energetic waves evoke a flamenco dancer’s skirts—and created a glass passage that leads to the spa, designed by architect Yves Collet. The perfect place to relax and indulge in the health and beauty properties of the grape. 1.400 sq. heaven of wellness for wineloving spa-goers. Exclusive Skin treatments with Merlot, hone and wine body wraps, crushed Carbernet scrubs or a unique barrel bath, meet the specialist in vino therapy, employing wet and dry treatments based on the essence of the grape to cleanse, sooth and invigorate the human skin.
1900px Vinothérapie SPA Caudalie Marqués de Riscal 11900px Vinothérapie SPA Caudalie Marqués de Riscal 31900px Vinothérapie SPA Caudalie Marqués de Riscal 41900px Vinothérapie SPA Caudalie Marqués de Riscal 2
The Spa at the Viceory Miami, United States: Philippe Starck continues to surprise. Recombining some of his signature set pieces—oversize mirrors, brightly colored crystal chandeliers, and haute-French furniture—the master of whimsical pastiche debuted this 28,000-square-foot fantasy of a spa and fitness center at the Viceroy Miami in December 2008, on the 15th floor of an Arquitectonica-designed downtown Miami skyscraper. The double-height, library-like “water lounge” (shown), with its plunge pools of various temperatures and floor-to-ceiling views of Biscayne Bay, proves the most jaw-dropping spot among many.

1900px Viceroy Miami 11900px Viceroy Miami 21900px Viceroy Miami 31900px Viceroy Miami 4

Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona offers an extensive range of treatments from around the world including a wide choice of therapies drawing on ancient philosophies and modern techniques.

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