Location: Zurich Airport
Year: 2017
STUDIOFORMA exclusively selected two lamps to highlight two different vending areas. One is an atmospheric lamp with angular shadows when lit in the SIS watch area and the other a hanging pendulum lamp to highlight the latest products. A centrepiece was developed to spotlight high-value jewellery such as wedding and engagement rings, diamond bracelets and more.
To make the grade of today’s luxury feeling, a lounge area was created. This point of sale enables a swift handling thus time, as a precious good, can be saved. A tufted carpet made of soft silk floor with greenish hues and comfortable lounge chairs underlines the noble interior concept. The interior design reflects a solid and genuine brand image and is compatible for a “one-concept-fits-all” adaption.
The zoning, underlined with sheer curtains, features a flowing non-disruptive guidance through the store that sparks a “walk-through-and-find” shopping experience.