Villa Paros
YEAR: 2016
If James Bond decided to build an ultra-modern cave as his secret hideaway, this home in Paros, Greece is what it would look like. A gorgeous summer home set in one of the most privileged locations of Paros and named after POSEIDON, the eponymous god of the sea and protector of all aquatic features in Greek mythology.


The contemporary house design proves the seamless connection between nature and design by incorporating Greek traditional building practices in a modern and highly functional residence. The expansive open-plan living area is flanked by a pool landscape that runs parallel to the house and blends in the tranquil seascape, creating the illusion of weightlessness. The large glass windows – reminiscent of the iconic modernist area – affords uninterrupted views of the lush and aquatic surroundings. Our sleek and modern architecture incorporates strict geometric forms, clean lines and dazzling white surfaces and creates an interesting contrast with the soothing colours of the sea and sky.  
STUDIOFORMA added a design milestone that encourage the hedonistic architectural style of the POSEIDON villa – the atrium. Not one but seven open-to-the-sky atria create a light-filled ambiance throughout the day. The greenery of the seven interior courtyards helps to divide the space and break up all of the white surfaces to bring nature to the inside of the villa. The interior is composed of minimal ornamentation and flat surfaces as dictated by the less-is-more philosophy of the Cycladic design. Subtle yet ultimately luxurious, the living areas feature large openings that offer stunning views of the sea- and landscape. Stark-white walls accentuate the bluish proximity. An exquisite architecture that combines the privacy and natural beauty, with utmost elegance and infinite relaxation. The perfect place to spend an eternity!
Facts & Figures  

Total Plot Size

Building Land



Main House

Guest House



Designed Outdoor Area

Swimming Pool

Water Surfaces

44.065 m²

10.200 m²

33.865 m²


538 m² 

282 m²

282 m²


2.310 m²

263 m²

86 m²





3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3 Atria

3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 4 Atria

Wellness Area, Cellar, Storage, Home Cinema


Patio, Pools, Parking



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