Location: N/A
Year: 2016
Our concept fuses sartorial confidence with the luxuriousness of an open loft architecture and an assorted private walk-in-closet. The interior design reflects a solid and genuine brand image and is compatible for a “one-concept-fits-all” adaption.
The zoning features a flowing, non-disruptive guidance through the store that sparks a “walk-through-and-find” shopping experience. A LED animated wall welcomes visitor right at the entrance where the amplitude of the store can immediately be felt and sighted by looking through the ceiling that stages light boxes, each light box dedicated to a department (Men, Women, Sportswear) Men, Women and Sportswear are simply distinguished by minor modifications of the department’s centrepiece, the lounge.
The upholstery of each department’s lounge comes in a different colour tone: grey-brown/Men, purple/Women and green/Sportswear. Sophisticated dark hues like the furniture’s black veneer mixed with noble materials like a bright marble floor facilitate a desired contrast and emphasize on a classy and timeless design language. The notably façade is cladded with architectural wire cable mesh and strikes a distinctive accent when illuminated at night.