JELMOLI is Switzerland’s biggest department store and is located on Zurich’s upmarket shopping mile, the Bahnhofstrasse. Founded 1833 by Johann Peter Jelmoli Ciolina, the department store can be declared as one of the oldest worldwide. Today, JELMOLI is one of the most modern upscale department stores in Europe and is often referred as «Glass Palace» due to its modern glass façade built in 1898, anchoring the architecture style of Parisian department stores. JELMOLI offers an unrivalled shopping experience thanks to its exciting mix of high-street fashion and international brands for accessories, shoes, sports, living and beauty products across its 8 floors.
STUDIOFORMA has been appointed to create a new and open scheme for JELMOLI’s women’s denim floor, accessories department and pop-up retail space. The total retail space of 208 m² now radiates a warm and sophisticated ambiance. Its new design features a restrained monochrome palette and premium finishes; the architecture and custom-made furniture elevate the store experience with a high aspirational, fashion-led attitude.
The material and colour concept sets the stage perfectly for the high-quality and colourful assortment of products. The seamless and filigree structure of all displays, racks and fixtures is covered with an elegant white surface, levitating airiness and evoking a subtle touch of luxury. The fixture’s sleek brass frames (6 mm) were hand-painted with gold lacquer in Italy, adding up the luxury look and feel of the overall interior. All bottom-placed storage modules are lacquered with a sophisticated garden green hue. The tufted carpet made of soft silk floor with taupe hues underlines the noble interior concept.
Interior design highlights: STUDIOFORMA exclusively designed and produced two table lamps made of gold lacquered brass and draped in Italian silk-cotton, embracing a pleasant shade. Both lamps are decorated as a centrepiece on top of the two large, round-shaped exhibition modules. The made-to-measure luminaires bear a unique and sleek design, using colours and forms to embody a bold contemporary sense of style. The multi-dimensional arrangement and sizing of all racks, desks and exhibition fixtures enable a flexible and adaptive usage, beautifully harmonizing with the open and graceful composition of the interior redesign.