Plot Area
Building Footprint
Project Area
Construction Year
Project Type
Veyrier, Switzerland
1’114.00 m²
179.00 m²
784.80 m²
New Building Multi-Family House

We have been awarded the prize for Best Architecture Single Residence of Switzerland at the European Property Awards! In addition, we are very happy to announce our nomination for the international finals this December in London.
Plot area: 1.114 m²
Total indoor living area: 301 m²
Garden area: 849 m²
Lawn area: 515 m²
Swimming Pool: 60 m²
Garden terraces: 84 m²
From the very beginning our clients desired a contemporary home based on an open space concept but, they gave us much freedom, as to the exterior appearance. Yet there were certainly fundamental requirements – for the interior much more than the exterior. The family wished for an easily accessible ground floor from the garden and lounge area, to give the atmosphere of an extended lounge. This is due to the several cocktail parties and family gatherings during summer times. Additionally, part of the outdoor should include a cosy space with the possibility to cool down on blazing hot summer days respective to shut down and relax on freezing cold winter days. The first storey will be a family floor. As a result, it must incorporate multiple rooms such as a recreation room, several bedrooms – including the master bed room – and a fitness room. There were no requirements for the basement floor.


Villa Veyrier is set opposite a generous agricultural land facing the colossal Mont Salève in France. We suggested a lounge area with parquet flooring like the one in the living room, which together with the panorama doors in the kitchen, enables a seamless boarder between the interior and exterior area. Additionally, the exterior is easily accessible through the panorama doors, as demanded by the family.
Our team designed a convivial outdoor space with an intimate corner. The pool for blazing hot summer days and the outdoor lounge with bonfire for freezing cold winter day complement the open space exterior, which includes the terrace and the lounge. Further, we conceptualised multiple rooms, including the master bed room and the fitness room on the first floor, where the family can enjoy some privacy and relax after tedious days.